February 2015 Issue

Alumni Buddy Programme: Call for Registrations!

Another new initiative of the Alumni Relations Office (ARO) this year is the launching of the Alumni Buddy Programme, connecting existing alumni members around the world and current students who will soon be graduating and become life-long alumni members. Do you still remember your first year at university when you were trying hard to adapt to different changes in your school routine? For those of you studying overseas, do you still remember that feeling of making changes in your lifestyle to accommodate a new life in a foreign country? As we have all experienced, the transition period between secondary school and university/college may present the fresh graduate with a variety of challenges both academically and non-academically. Bearing this in mind, the ARO would like to act as a connector to put fresh graduates in touch with existing alumni members studying in a similar field and location, which will allow graduates to be able to obtain advice and guidance on all areas of their new post-secondary life. Alumni buddies will act as local mentors for new alumni members for the first 2-3 months of the graduates’ post-secondary study. We would love to bring you in connection with our existing students and prospective alumni members. Please register at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/alumnibuddyprogramme or contact us at secretariat@alumni.ycef.com if you have any further enquiries. Looking forward to your support!

Company Visits for Current Students: Call for Registrations!

As an extension to the previously held Alumni Career Sharing Session 2014, the Alumni Relations Office will join hands with the UGO and parent relations unit to organize a series of career talks, workshops and company site visits for current students in March.  The programme is aimed at providing students with actual exposure to the workplaces of certain alumni members in different industries through a site visit.  Through visiting the workplaces of these alumni members, students are provided with the opportunity to experience the actual day to day running and operation of a typical workplace within the industry.  We aim to offer students a wide variety of career exposure through these channels of exposure.  If the company/organization you are working at welcomes our student to pay a visit, please email us at secretariat@alumni.ycef.com before Friday 20th February 2015, we would be more than happy to build the visit into the programme.  Looking forward to your support!

Alumni Perspectives: Sally Heiyoon Chung (2007, YCIS Shanghai)

Alumni Perspectives: Chester Huang (2010, YCIS Shanghai)

Yew Chung Alumni Internship Programme

One of the Alumni Relations Office’s (ARO’s) new initiatives this year is the brand new Yew Chung Alumni Internship Programme, tailored for Year 10 and 12 students in Hong Kong. The programme will run for approximately 6 months and students will choose to intern on either one of the two major projects running at the ARO: the Alumni Website Revamp and annual Alumni Homecoming Day. Working closely with ARO staff, students will develop essential working skills such as project management, event planning, time management, and leadership skills. Places for the internship programme are limited to a total of 20 (10 for each of the two projects) and applications for the programme have exceeded the number of vacancies offered. Looking forward to working with our student interns on both of these exciting projects, and very much look forward to the fresh ideas they will bring! It is hoped that this internship programme to involve students in all Yew Chung schools in the future.

Yew Chung, Yew Wah And Yew Chung Community College Alumni Membership Cards

Riding on the recently released Yew Chung alumni membership card for YCIS alumni, the Alumni Relations Office (ARO) has extended the alumni card membership to alumni members from Yew Wah and Yew Chung Community College. The first batch of these membership cards have already been distributed to respective alumni members present at our London Alumni Gathering 2015 held earlier in mid-January. Your card will facilitate your visits to campus and will also entitle you to alumni benefits at shortlisted dining outlets in Festival Walk. To apply for your membership card, please email secretariat@alumni.ycef.com with your full name in English and year of graduation/year left Yew Wah or Yew Chung Community College. All students having spent up to one academic year at the Yew Chung/Yew Wah/Yew Chung Community College will be eligible to apply for the respective alumni membership card.

Privileges with Your Alumni Membership Card

Yew Chung and Yew Wah London Alumni Gathering 2015

Class of 2003-04 10 Year’s Reunion