Alumni Buddy Programme: Call for Registrations!

Another new initiative of the Alumni Relations Office (ARO) this year is the launching of the Alumni Buddy Programme, connecting existing alumni members around the world and current students who will soon be graduating and become life-long alumni members. Do you still remember your first year at university when you were trying hard to adapt to different changes in your school routine? For those of you studying overseas, do you still remember that feeling of making changes in your lifestyle to accommodate a new life in a foreign country? As we have all experienced, the transition period between secondary school and university/college may present the fresh graduate with a variety of challenges both academically and non-academically. Bearing this in mind, the ARO would like to act as a connector to put fresh graduates in touch with existing alumni members studying in a similar field and location, which will allow graduates to be able to obtain advice and guidance on all areas of their new post-secondary life. Alumni buddies will act as local mentors for new alumni members for the first 2-3 months of the graduates’ post-secondary study.

We would love to bring you in connection with our existing students and prospective alumni members. Please fill in the registration at or contact us at if you have any further enquiries. Looking forward to your support!