February 2013 Issue

First ever Alumni Art Exhibition – Fast Forward - at Homecoming Day on August 4, 2012!

This year, a group of graduates from Yew Chung came back to showcase their artistic progress since their time here. Through "Fast Forward", the first YCIS alumni exhibition, we were able to reconnect through art, our common language and passion.

The entire idea came about just six weeks before the opening of the exhibition. It seemed quite an impossible plan back then, but little did I know that this would become the collaborative effort of 27 Yew Chung alumni artists, who graduated from 1998 to 2012, each contributing artwork in different mediums. This is a unique exhibition which crosses time and space; multicultural ideas take form in photography and painting, personal expression through music and sculptural installation, as well as fantastic theories realised in graphic and costume design. Walking through this exhibition, the viewer is submerged in different spatial experiences, especially in the media section in which three videos of different genres are alternately projected on the walls. You experience a mood change in the exhibition.

Through organising this event, we were able to bring together many artists from Yew Chung who are actually part of the art world, making this a rare chance for people who are geographically divided to come together. It was the first alumni exhibition in Yew Chung's history and it has definitely set the precedence for future exhibitions.

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Inaugural Founder's Day & Kick-Off ceremony of YCIS 80th Anniversary Celebration on September 21, 2012!

Eighty years can be a lifetime. For Yew Chung it is a momentous occasion and a chance to honour its founder, Madam Tsang Chor-hang, and her legacy, which is still receiving recognition worldwide today.

Yew Chung is entering its 80th anniversary this academic year. With the establishment of Founder's Day to honour Madam Tsang, nearly 6,000 students and over 1,500 staff members from all Yew Chung International School (YCIS) campuses across Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Qingdao in China, and Silicon Valley in the U.S.A. gathered a day of activities and special acknowledgements to recognize the milestone and highlight the school's spirit of success, achievement and integration.

Over the last eight decades, YCIS has remained committed to educating the whole person, through combining the best elements of Eastern and Western philosophies. Let us welcome this special year in Yew Chung's history!

YCIS Hong Kong celebrated the inaugural Founder's Day on September 21 with sports opportunities that enhanced the school's spirit. Yew Chung's alumni including Dr. Tso Wung-wai, Mr. Paul Chan, Mr. Leung Tak-yan and Rev. Tsang Kwok-wai were present as guests of honour. Some of these guests are as old as 80 years old, each of them testimony to the 80 years of Yew Chung education.

At noon, a live address from Director of YCIS, Dr. Betty Chan Po-king, was broadcast to all YCIS locations. Dr. Chan, herself a Yew Chung alumnae and daughter of Madam Tsang, said Founder's Day was established to cherish the foundation laid by Madam Tsang for Yew Chung. "Hau Cheung Po Po (Madam Tsang) created Yew Chung 80 years ago with a sense of mission. She placed great importance on whole person education, insisted on education on fundamentals, and tried to send the most precious message to our children, so that they understand the fragility of humanity and great love of God. She believed this is the best gift for children."

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Yew Chung Alumni Association Gala Dinner – January 5, 2013!


Yew Chung Alumni Association Gala Dinner was successfully held on January 5th 2013 at the Kowloon Cricket Club. Over 70 alumni were in attendance, representing different eras of the history of Yew Chung. Some of the special alumni to note: We had one alumnus who was there at the very beginning of YC back in 1932, alumni from the first IB Class in 2002 and alumnae from the first graduating class from our Yew Chung Community College as well! Indeed they were all so happy to come back together to reminisce about their time in school. We also had 40 current and former teachers and staff members, as well as 14 current students to be helpers and performers in attendance to make this evening a very memorable one!

The Gala Dinner was the first event put on by the Yew Chung Alumni Association, which was re-established this year to coincide with the celebration of the 80th anniversary. The association will be under the leadership of alumnus, Mr. Daniel Tsoi, who was elected into this position during a nomination and election earlier this year. The Secretariat (Anthony and Angel) will be working closely with Daniel and the committee to further strengthen the alumni network here in Hong Kong and wherever alumni may be around the world!

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Upcoming Annual Alumni Gathering in London on March 3, 2013!

Route Description

1. Leave Cruciform Building and turn left into Gower Street.
2. Immediately turn right in to the Quad Entrance.
3. After 29 metres you will come to the central quad.
4. After 16 metres, follow the central quad round to the left.
5. After 20 metres you will come to a carpark.
6. After 25 metres, turn right in to a path next to the north cloisters.
7. Immediately go up a short flight of steps.
8. Immediately enter Wilkins Building - North Cloisters entrance straight ahead.
9. Go through a double door.
10. Immediately Haldane Room should be your left.

Yew Chung 80th Anniversary Seeds of Hope Gala Dinner on March 26, 2013!


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