Alumni Perspectives: Sally Heiyoon Chung (2007, YCIS Shanghai)

Sally, an alumna from Yew Chung International School of Shanghai, shares her memories and experiences of high school life. She has previously taken up the position of the editorial designer at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City. See her experience below. 
Name: Sally Heiyoon Chung
Year of Graduation/Year Left YC: 2007, YCIS Shanghai
Number of years spent in YC: 7 years
Major and University:Communication Design, Parsons, The New School for Design, New York City
Current Occupation: I was an editorial designer at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City. Currently taking a break and traveling the world. 
1)      Were there any specific teachers, friends, or members of staff that have influenced you in some significant way during your time at Yew Chung?
-       I can't pick someone in particular because every single one of them was spectacular.
2)      Were there particular subjects/activities that have made an impact on you and your studies?
-       IB Art has definitely pushed me to grow as an advanced artist. The curriculum helped me to develop ideas and execute them. Largely due to learning from the curriculum, when I sketch for advertising ideas/photoshoots now, it’s become a habit that I start from mind-map ideas to collecting resources and plan execution.
-       Outreach community programs: A trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand to build toilets at the local villages. It was probably my first experience of how I could impact someone’s life positively by meeting their needs. Since then I’ve been a part of non-profit organizations for helping kids in third world countries & rescuing lions in Africa.
3)      What was one of your best memories of your Yew Chung campus?
-      PAJAMA DAY!!

4)      What would be your favorite aspect of the Yew Chung experience?
-       Combination of Chinese and Western culture.
5)      Are there any other experiences/events/people about Yew Chung that has/have made a change in you that you would like to share with students?
-       Yew Chung is extremely unique because you get to meet international friends and teachers. I’m so happy that I have friends all over the world now. Make sure to join a lot of extra curricular activities and have fun! 

IB Art Exhibition

IB Graduation Art Show, 12th-21st April, 2007