Letter to Class of 2009 - Embracing Tomorrow

Dear Class of 2009,

Indeed, your time has come! The year 2009 marks the successful culmination of your formative years in Yew Chung as well as a new beginning in the bright sunshine. Like full-fledged birds, you are now on track to take off, eager to embrace your tomorrow. 

The Yew Chung Alumni Association (YCAA) is just as thrilled, with you as our new energy in building the YCAA. Your nomination of a 2009 Year Representative to be e-mailed to secretariat@alumni.ycef.com will be your first valuable contribution to our success. We trust that this request will be actioned. 

Since its inception in 2002 by several enthusiastic and dedicated graduates, the YCAA has been progressing well. In 2008 the YCAA Secretariat was established under the Directorate to back up the YCAA, and subsequently, the Alumni Affairs and Development Office was also inaugurated to spearhead the revamping of the YCAA website for operational efficiency and to chart development plans hand in glove with a consultant. In no time we will be inviting you all to do online registration. By then, we will also introduce to you our various Regional Representatives across the world.

This year, YCAA events have taken place in New York City, Hong Kong and London. On the night of 5 January 2009 at the ecstatic New Year Homecoming Event in Hong Kong, 36 alumni flocked to the YCIS-Secondary from work and afar. They were yearning to come back to see the school and its people. This special bonding has its roots in years of being with Yew Chung, as symbolized by a sapling donated and planted recently on the HKSEC campus by an alumnus. That growing sapling rooted in Yew Chung will be well looked after, just as you have been nurtured by Yew Chung throughout these remarkably memorable years. 

No matter where you choose to study, work or stay in the future, just remember that Yew Chung will always be thinking of you and praying for you. Whatever responsibilities you shoulder in the future, please always apply your wisdom and best efforts to ensure a sustainable environmental future. As you are all aware, the environment entrusted to the care of humans by God at the beginning of mankind has already been pushed past its limits. 

The YCAA wishes you every success and looks forward to your unfailing support.

May our Lord bless you and be with you!