Summer Appointments

Dear Alumni & YCIS Students,

The Alumni Affairs & Development Office is pleased to announce that Mr. Julian Leung, YCAA 2007 Year Representative, and Mr. Herbert Cheng, alumnus and YCIS Year 11 Graduate, have now been appointed respectively as the Project Manager and Assistant Project Manager of the 2009 YCAA Summer Projects. 

Julian will be in charge of the 2009 YCAA Summer Projects and will be leading various working groups to be formed by alumni, fresh graduates, student leaders and current students in planning and implementing those projects.  Herbert will be assisting Julian in all aspects of the work involved.  They have just initiated the process of forming the working groups and may contact you.  If any of you are interested in joining them and working with them, you are more than welcome to email Julian at or Herbert at

We would also like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Julian and Herbert for their contributions and dedication to the development and growth of the Yew Chung Alumni Association (YCAA).

We also look forward to your great support!