New Alumni Website!

New Alumni Website!

We are excited to announce that the new alumni website is here!  From today, you can visit and login with your unique username and password to enjoy using the new functions of the website.  Our new functions include:

1)      Alumni Directory: Once logged in, you can use our online platform to search for alumni members all around the world.  Once you locate them, you can use our website to send them a message and get in touch with them.  Log in and reconnect with your former classmates and friends now!

2)      Former Teachers Directory: The same can be done for former teachers.  Log in to search for your former teachers and send them a message to get in touch!

3)      Online Publications: Studied in Yew Chung/Yew Wah but missed your School’s publications?  Not to worry – with our all-new online publications alumni can now browse through a large collection of yearbooks, YC Links, YW Updates, and Alumni Newsletters.  Have fun looking back at your old school days and have a good laugh!

4)      Auto-Feed on School News: With this new function you will be able to read updates from different campuses in a centralized location.  The news are posted regularly by student-run clubs and groups specializing in producing campus news for publication.

5)      Interactive Map: Get a view of how many alumni members are located at different parts of the world.  The numbers you see represent the number of alumni at the corresponding location.

If you have already registered your information, you will soon receive an email with your unique login password.  If not, please visit to apply for your membership.  You can also browse through our list of past events and volunteering information. We hope you enjoy browsing through our new alumni website.  Remember to keep visiting to stay in tune with the latest news!