Alumni Perspectives: Hovin Wong (2012, YCIS Beijing)

Hovin is a 2012 graduate of YCIS - BJ and he's now studying anthropology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  We are grateful to have him featured on Alumni Perspectives this month!  Read more below!


Name: Wong Ho Kwan Hovin

Year of Graduation/Year Left YC: 2012, YCIS Beijing

Number of years spent in YC: 15 Years

Major and University: Anthropology, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Current Occupation: Final Year University Student

1)    Were there any specific teachers, friends, or members of staff that have influenced you in some significant way during your time at Yew Chung?

To be honest, everyone in YCIS Beijing are awesome.  Since there were only fourteen students in the Class of 2012 we all knew each other well and got along with each other well. There were special bonds and connections between the fourteen of us and with all the teachers that taught us during our final year. One advantage of being in such a small group was that we rarely had a chance to have one class with more than seven people, and the majority of the time we only had three people in one class - sometime even one. So I guess with this advantage we were able to communicate with the teachers better. Deep inside I thank every teacher that taught me, they helped me not only academically but also personally, pulled me out from life problems that I’ve experienced and shown me there isn’t only one but multiple paths in life.  They have also guided me onto the right path which has led me here today.

2)     Were there particular subjects/activities that have made an impact on you and your studies?

There are no anthropology classes offered in YCIS Beijing therefore I have no prior experience or knowledge of it. However it was the university fair held in our school that created a chance for me to first hear about anthropology.

When I was young, the movies “Indiana Jones” and “Jurassic Park” caught my attention and influenced me. Since then I’ve always wanted to become a treasure hunter or a paleontologist. However, very few universities offer such courses, so I thought of changing my future goal to become something else. Well, sometime you just have to believe in yourself and have faith; it was right at this moment when I had the chance to hear about anthropology. The university fair was a very good opportunity for me to discover new things and new interests. Anthropology contains a diversity of study which includes paleontology. After then I did my own research and here, I’m an anthropology major and soon may become an anthropologist.

3)     What was one of your best memories of your Yew Chung campus?

All memories were good. All the events we had, all the trips we went on, all the ups and downs we’ve experienced together: as long as it was with the YC-ers, it was good memory. But if I had to choose the best memory of all my time in YCIS, I would choose graduation. Not that I’m happy to leave YCIS Beijing, but it was the final point of all memories. During the moment of the your graduation, you kind of have flashbacks of all the joy you had, all the tears you had and all the little talks you had.  The moment when you say goodbye to your teachers and your friends, the last moments we shared as Yew Chung students. My graduation is that one moment I will never forget.

4)    What would be your favorite aspect of the Yew Chung experience?

The diversity of cultures and the opportunity for us to study in both Chinese and English.

5)     Are there any other experiences/events/people about Yew Chung that has/have made a change in you that you would like to share with students?

Everyone is different; especially we have people from all over the world which makes us even more different. In the future you can proudly say that you literally have friends everywhere in the world.

One piece of advice, don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to show your talents, because you never know when your talents will come handy and you never know how others react to it until you present it.

I wasn’t the kid hated by everyone, but I was pretty shy during my middle school and high school years. Nobody knew that I had the talent to sing, neither did I. It wasn’t until the very last moment of my time in Yew Chung that I sang in front of hundreds of people, the cheers and complements I got from the crowd were memorable and helped me overcome my shyness. All I want to say is, being shy may hide your true self, and there is nothing to lose when you overcome your shyness.