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Who are we?

The Yew Chung Alumni Association (YCAA) was founded in 2002 and was later registered under the HKSAR Societies Ordinance on the 19th November 2004. The original objectives of the YCAA are to strengthen the bond between all Yew Chung Alumni, to embrace Yew Chung Spirit and to serve the community.  Today, these aims are extended to accommodate all alumni from Yew Chung International Schools, Yew Wah Schools, and Yew Chung Community College.

As a major step forward of our commitment, the Alumni Relations Office was set up in 2008 to provide enhanced support to the YCAA and to bring new energy in reconnecting with our alumni. In the past years, regional gatherings were organized in the U.K., U.S. and in Hong Kong, and much effort was also put into building this new alumni website for better communication.

From now on, you will be able to get the most up-to-date information on all our latest events, development highlights, and much more in one central location. We will also try our very best in bringing you the best networking opportunities in both personal and career-related regards. So come visit us often and make the most out of your alumni experience!  We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you very soon!

About this website:
This website is the result of a new project of the Alumni Relations Office, and represents the effort of 14 student interns from Year 10 and Year 12 in the academic year 2014-15.  We acknowledge the effort and contribution of the following student interns:

Chan Ka Kei (Kirstie)
Chan Kei Hang (Stephen)
Chan Ling Sum (Atticus)
Cheung Ho Yiu (Kenneth)
Chu Chun Kit (Samuel)
Lee Shing Hei (Geselle)
Leung Chi Ling (Tiffany)
Qi Lerong (Ray) 
Tong Michael Kin Hay
Tong Nicole
Tsang Ho Him (Joshua)
Wu Bang (Cody)
Wu Chun Yiu (Sunny)
Yu Royce Ming

These interns joined the Yew Chung Alumni Internship Programme in mid-February, working closely with the Alumni Relations Office on the preparation of the content, visuals, design, promotion, and testing of this website.  We are grateful for their support throughout the project and are glad that they have acquired experience of working in an actual work environment.