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Career Sharing Session

One of the major initiatives of the Alumni Relations Office each year is to host the Alumni Career Sharing Session for students to explore their career options early and obtain professional advice from alumni members who are already working in their desired industries.  The career sharing session is usually held in September or October.
In 2014, the Alumni Career Sharing Session covered a total of 8 career fields, with 15 alumni members and 3 guests forming the core group of speakers for the event.  Career fields represented by these speakers include:

  • Architecture / Structural Engineering
  • IT and Computer / Electrical Engineering
  • Fashion and Design
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Business and Finance
  • Law and Practice
  • Hospitality
  • Medical Services

We are currently exploring the possibility of expanding the scope of this annual sharing session to accommodate other industries in addition to those listed above. If you are happy to share your career to our students and parents, please contact us at, with your contact details and industry.


Our career sharing is not limited to an event-based sharing session. This means that you can submit your own sharing in written format as well, which can then be published on alumni-related pages and distributed at our Career Sharing Session. We can also explore possibilities of organizing a skype sharing/conference with alumni members distributed around different corners of the world. As for your written sharing, it can cover any related topic such as academic planning for your career, career prospects, and specific pieces of advice for intending students.

Looking forward to seeing you and receiving your sharing for our upcoming Alumni Career Sharing Session!